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Artist's Inspiration

My thanks to good friends Joanne Hulsey and Peter Sentner who invited me to do this.  I am grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to participate in the Remade in Hope art project.  It is incredible to share this with so many wonderful artists.  

Thank you also to my partner Kathy for her keen eye and helping me with feedback and support. 


The project was challenging and exhilarating!  The idea of doing the 2 pictures presented a struggle at first.  It took me weeks to start.  The blank canvasses presented so much opportunity for imagination and so consequently throughout the adventure and right to the finish it was wonderful and cathartic!

Artwork of Light & Dark

Mesmer Karen dark.jpg


Mesmer Karen light.jpg


About the Artist

Some Sunday afternoons I would sit with my dad watching football.  He would teach me about the players, their roles and the rules.  At the same time during the game dad would be busy sketching the play action in a large sketchbook.  It was fascinating to watch him draw.  He was really good at it.  I also had classmates in elementary school who were twins.  Frank and Jack were amazing artists whose talent I envied.  From experiences like these I wanted to engage in more art and had to work hard to develop my skill.  My dream was to get more art training with higher education in college.  My dreams were dashed by other ideas the universe presented.  I continue to enjoy drawing and painting and other art projects when I find the time.

Mesmer Karen dark.jpg


Mesmer Karen light.jpg


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