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Artist's Inspiration

My mother was a visual artist, but I never have pursued visual arts except for very occasional projects. I do like graphic design. When there were two extra canvases Bethany Berger encouraged me to make something. I am glad I did.

Art of various types gives us access to meaning making beyond the linguistic ways that we Protestant Christians often favor to connect to the divine. Still the God who is Word dwells on the edge and beyond the edge of language. The Arts give us tools to make meaning as artists, but also for others to make their own meanings as they receive, and view the art. The density of communication possible in visual arts is astounding.


I was the first to conceive of this project as a whole. As I discussed it with others, the ideas got richer and more lively. I would say that I love collaborative projects. I knew that I would use tissue paper. It gave me the capacity to access shapes and colors without needing the skills of drawing.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Townsley Susan Dark.jpg


Years ago a friend of mine said that Jesus primary work was to help people get unstuck. I wanted to express the feeling of stuckness (in my dark piece) and the feeling of liberation from stuckness (in my light piece) Knowing that they would be hung inside, I wanted them to be connected, like a journey from stuckness to liberation, which you can see when they are hung with dark on left and light on the right.​

Townsley Susan Light.jpg

About the Artist

Having lived in Japan, I learnd some Japanese and continue to study Kanji and the language. I have also studied dance and choreography.

Townsley Susan Dark.jpg


Townsley Susan Light.jpg


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