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Artist's Inspiration

I think that art can help people express themselves. I have a more realistic art style when sketching and drawing, but when it comes to painting it’s a bit less detailed. I was attracted to this project because I wanted to try painting something since I haven’t in a while and I also liked the theme. I wanted to try to make these pieces more textured so I added globs of paint in places where a fish would usually have more prominent features. I had always thought that I would paint fish for this. 

Artwork of Light & Dark

Dries Maddy dark.jpg


I wanted to draw fish because I like fish. I took the theme very literally so I made one canvas white and one black. I made the fish the opposite color of the canvas because I think that there is light in the dark and dark in the light, kind of like there’s evil in good and good in evil.

Dries Maddy light.jpg

About the Artist

I have been making art ever since I could hold a pencil. I like to draw, read, and listen to music. My favorite food is prosciutto and I am in an honors art class.

Dries Maddy dark.jpg


Dries Maddy light.jpg


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