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Artist's Inspiration

My art-making practice expresses my love and compassion for family and all children. I also have a passion for Mother Earth and observe closely when she is communicating with us. The soft wind, the pink sky, and the destruction we are now all facing. I pray often for the ones that I love and for our planet. I look to God for guidance in my daily life and for reassurance that our world is good and everyone is worthy of love. I am not an active artist. I find myself busy with my girls and teaching. This project was a significant challenge for me. It forced me to reflect on my practice and interpretations, but I could also spend time with my twins, painting in our basement and enjoying this quiet time together.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Mooney Katie Dark.jpg


The trees wrapped in dark cloth represent the suffocation of life's strains and pollution in our world. Driving down the highway, I thought I saw an owl perched up in a tree, but as we drove closer, it became clear that it was plastic stuck in the branches. It struck me with such disgust and illusion.

Mooney Katie light.jpg


The next painting was a little more challenging to conceptualize, but I explored using lines to guide the viewer's eye toward the sky, the peace, and hope.

About the Artist

I have been making art for most of my life. I loved art as a child, explored art as a teenager, and then went to school to become an art teacher. I have been teaching art at Kennebunk High School for 24 years. I am a mom to Carly, Mary, and Lucy and a wife to Brock. My entire extended family lives here in town, and I love family dinners and playing pickleball.

Mooney Katie Dark.jpg


Mooney Katie light.jpg


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