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Artist's Inspiration

When my grandparents told me about this project I was like why not, I love making art and I really will pursue it in many ways.  I was actually in school when I was inspired by my light side painting, in science they were talking about how every year in the early times on a winter solstice that the people were scared that the sun wouldn’t rise so I made a drawing of a sun rising over the water with colorful things around to represent hope.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Whitney Emma Dark.jpg


A lock with vines and chains wrapped around it with a hidden key in the bottom.

Whitney Emma Light.jpg


A sun rising over the water that is just a sketch in the middle, but then the suns lit up and it’s in a heart and the outside is flowers and mini suns and spirals with color.

About the Artist

I have been making art ever since I could hold a crayon. I love doing arts and crafts, I take dance, and I play lots of sports. I feel art can make people feel inspired or make them feel happy, and can give them hope. Usually my drawings or paintings are what’s on my mind, or something I learned, or even whatever is around me.

Whitney Emma Dark.jpg


Whitney Emma Light.jpg


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