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Artist's Inspiration

Art is funny because it's interpretive while also being a universal language, everyone can enjoy it and take what they need from what they see. I think art is always worth trying even if it doesn't go to plan. I was attracted to this project because I enjoy being part of the community and was happy to participate alongside my sisters.  For this project, I just went with my gut while working within a similar color scheme for the two pieces. Just took it where it was headed. I did a basic sketch under each piece that helped me stay within my plans, the color and textures found themselves and weren't something I'd looked too far ahead on initially.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Berger Sarah Dark.jpg


Candles and destruction had me thinking of wear, stress, and the passage of time.

Berger Sarah light.jpg


Warmth and heat, the fireplace at home is a comfortable, serene break from the winter chill.

About the Artist

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. I was baptized at the church and am the third generation of my family to attend.

Berger Sarah Dark.jpg


Berger Sarah light.jpg


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