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Artist's Inspiration

My paintings serve as a way to memorialize my beloved younger sister, Melissa. She was a spirited, beautiful, funny, intelligent and loving soul. I loved her deeply and lost her at the young age of forty nine from a rare brain disease. During her life, Missy's number one priority was raising her boys. She found great joy in helping others and was passionate about her job as a nursery school teacher. Family gatherings at the "compound" made my sister the happiest.


I dedicate my two panels to my sister. Working on them was therapeutic and cathartic for me. As a newly retired teacher, it also felt good to get back to work making art. Each canvas contains representative symbols that I will share in this writing.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Merry Jennifer Dark.jpg


morning glory flowers come alive & die in a day

the raven represents loss & is a creature of God's protecting love

the stripes of luminous white represent the fluorescent lights in the small room where she was taken off life support

ugly industrial mint green serves as the wall color in that room

the face in deep despair is mine


"Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith. It is the price we pay for love." Greek statesman, Pericles

Merry Jennifer Light.jpg


blue was used to symbolize loyalty, serenity, immortality and heaven

the beach, anywhere, was a favorite place especially with family included

the robin is a reincarnated reminder of her presence

yellow pansies have contrasting meanings, "think of me & tough times"

the silhouettes represent her two sons at a young age

her kidneys were donated and saved 2 lives

I loved you first......because I am the oldest

irises were her favorite flower. they mean faith, hope and wisdom

"Jesus loves me" was her favorite Sunday school song & she believed Jesus loved her


"Family is not an important thing, it is everything." Michael J. Fox

Merry Jennifer Dark 2.jpg


This is an additional Dark piece provided from the artist. 

About the Artist

I was an art teacher at Thornton Academy for 38 years!

I will be married for 40 years to my husband John this August.

My pride & joy are my two sons John & Charlie and their wonderful wives, Cait & Meg.

I am the Nana of 3, Finn, Emilia & Tucker. [They warm my core.]

I read a lot, garden, walk the beach, bake and love to socialize with friends.

I hope to increase my travels in the future, see great art and broaden my food tastes/knowledge.

Merry Jennifer Dark.jpg


Merry Jennifer Light.jpg


Merry Jennifer Dark 2.jpg


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