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Artist's Inspiration

I liked the idea of exploring the opposites in unity. I see ‘despair and hope’ as concepts that are connected, that need each other for them to manifest. That contrast is the point of inflection to rethink each of these concepts as a process and not as a result. There is a critical hiatus between them: a process of detachment of both extreme emotions. Despair must be experienced in order to feel hope. Hope must be lost in order to feel despair. Based on the idea above, I conceive of the two paintings as twin paintings, in which only the symbol's position would determine their difference. The colours were first. I thought of cold colours because they represent vulnerability to me. They represent a static moment, a ‘static being’ in introspection or giving themselves to something else. The shapes are recurrent in my art: the temple shaped beings represent the soul in the body. The position of their profiles (whereas looking up or down) will represent their state of spiritual development, where looking up or down poses the recognition and acceptance of their own spiritual reality. I imagined the same idea but using birds instead of temple beings, the birds will be soaring up in the sky for hope, or falling down in despair.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Lundin Dark.jpg


Despair is related to pain and the material reality we experience every day . Despair is also related to stagnation of the soul (extinguished flame), to the feeling that we are not able to make a change or take actions, so we slow down our inner senses and become that frozen desert, abandoning ourselves to a narrower perspective where we can’t see further.

La desesperación está relacionada con el dolor y la realidad material que vivimos todos los días. La desesperación también se relaciona con el estancamiento del alma (llama apagada), con la sensación de que no somos capaces de hacer un cambio o tomar acciones, por lo que ralentizamos nuestros sentidos internos y nos convertimos en ese desierto helado, abandonándonos a una perspectiva más estrecha donde No podemos ver más.

Lundin Maria Hope.jpg


Just as we immerse ourselves in that frozen desert, we can see the reflection of light in the ice, and remember to turn our face up again, returning to a much bigger perspective, warming up the idea of a spiritual reality that is within us, since we are at all times: hope.

Así como nos sumergimos en ese desierto helado, podemos ver el reflejo de la luz en el hielo, y recordar volver a levantar la cara, volviendo a una perspectiva mucho más amplia, calentando la idea de una realidad espiritual que está dentro de nosotros, ya que lo somos en todo tiempo: esperanza.

About the Artist

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, but more professionally since 2004, when I started to publish in Magazines. I work as a Spanish teacher at KHS. I love spending all my free time with my family and friends. I love hiking, reading, painting, playing with my son and cooking.

Listen to the Artist

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Lundin Maria Hope.jpg


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