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Artist's Inspiration

People make their own meaning of art. Folks see the ‘meaning(s)’ differently. To me, my photography is practical. Sometimes, to others, it’s art. I was attracted to this project because it seemed unique and a good way to connect with the community at large. For this project, I looked for something good and something bad; something wrong and something right.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Montgomery King Dark.jpg
Montgomery King light.jpg


Despair – war is death, and despair in the extreme. War is darkness. No good comes from killing each other, and usually the innocent suffer.


Hope – is a wild crab apple tree blooming in spring in sunlight – under the skies. Renewal, rebirth, the propagation of life and not the taking of it. That’s what hope is all about. Both works are photo on canvas. (Giclée)

About the Artist

I have been doing photography since 1950. I enjoy fly fishing, and I am a Retired Army Officer, and columnist for the Maine Sportsman Magazine.

Montgomery King Dark.jpg


Montgomery King light.jpg


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