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Artist's Inspiration

I was attracted to this project for its presence in the community and to be part of something with a great impact to many. I approached this project by thinking of sadness and what times or events have made me feel low and the same with the feeling of hope, times of great joy in my life. I was unsure of what my pieces would look like, I did lots of brainstorming and reflection on the theme of “Remade in HOPE.”

Artwork of Light & Dark

Nelson Mel Dark.jpg


This piece of work reflects the end of harvest and garden season, a great time of sadness for me.  I love being in the garden and helping it produce for my family to enjoy.  

Nelson Mel light.jpg


This art piece shows the height of beauty to me, a flower in its full bloom with a setting sky from a beautiful day.

About the Artist

I have been creating pieces and art for as long as I can remember. I love to be outside, taking in all that is around us! Gardening is love of mine, taking care of both a vegetable garden and flowers. For me art is a way to reflect, connect and process through life in a way whether you realize it at the time of creating or later on. It gives me an escape and calming feeling from the day to day routines.

Nelson Mel Dark.jpg


Nelson Mel light.jpg


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