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Artist's Inspiration

Art allows those who may not have similar experiences connect to a common group through foundations of emotion and expression. Art is a fantastic tool and means for creative and spiritual exploration. I was atteracted to this project due to Rev. Susan's explanation and passion for the project. One of the things I thought of with despair is losing the memory of someone's appearance that you loved once they are gone and the feelings that can come along when you realize that it is starting to fade. Initially, I sketched out quite a few poses of one or two people to choose from, trying to find a composition that I liked.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Berger Bethany Dark.jpg


One is clinging to the visuals of memory, focusing in on details and the other is focusing on the feelings for that person and the light that is left inside of us by those that we love deeply even after they're gone.

Berger Bethany Light.jpg

About the Artist

I have been making art intermittently since high school. I am a teacher in Topsham Maine, I enjoy hiking and visiting with family. I was baptized at this church.

Berger Bethany Dark.jpg


Berger Bethany Light.jpg


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