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Artist's Inspiration

I’d say I could name some of the popular artworks, like “Starry Night” and “The Mona Lisa.” I have seen a lot of different types of art and I know how to do a lot of different types of art. I use this to inspire my work.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Mooney Carly Dark.jpg


I got my idea for this project from the idea of rough seas, thunder, and waves. Lighting
hits the ocean and makes it choppy. It is really scary to me. Someone could drown and
feel unsafe. If lighting hits you, it is even more sad and scary.

Mooney Carly light.jpg


Happy trees and everything being pink and red and just happy. I just thought of some people happily picking fruit from the trees. I put some pears on the trees and imagined people picking the pears and laughing together and having fun.

About the Artist

I have been making art for a long time since my mom is an art teacher, and I go to Art Church Camp, and we do a lot of art about God and our church. So I have been doing art for a long time. My favorite color is purple. I love sports such as soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. I am ten years old, and I am in fourth grade. I do hip-hop, and I am really good at writing and reading. I really want a dog.

Mooney Carly Dark.jpg


Mooney Carly light.jpg


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