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Artist's Inspiration

I feel that art contains a lot of emotions, consciously or subconsciously. These feelings allow those who understand it to feel related to and connected to. If someone doesn’t directly relate to it, they can also interpret a piece in a way that helps them gain a deeper understanding. A lot of my art comes from fascinations or fixations that I have on certain topics, connected with emotion and tense situations. A large amount of my work in the past has included forms of religious symbolism, so I was suggested for this project by one of my art teachers. I approached this project by doing research on possible topics, and trying to depict my selected topic through my own unique style digitally. I then remade these drawings on the canvases by painting.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Dinallo Sammy dark.jpg


The two pieces center on a theme of curses and general bad occurrences, and gaining control over these situations through finding hope in faith.

Dinallo Sammy light.jpg

About the Artist

I started drawing at around 4 years old, but began practicing more seriously in middle school. I participate in Sanford High School Colorguard, and my hobbies include drawing, and playing bass guitar!

Dinallo Sammy dark.jpg


Dinallo Sammy light.jpg


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