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Artist's Inspiration

My project focuses on the positives and negatives of overfishing. While overfishing adds to climate change and treats animals inhumanely, it provides meals for many hungry families. I was originally attracted to this project to show my work in front of a new audience, to get involved with the art side of our community, and my piece part of a unique exhibit that could be placed into my portfolio in the future.

Artwork of Light & Dark

LIberatore Elsa  Dark.jpg


Fish laid out on ice at a fish market. I chose this subject to represent my overall point because of how some people aren't comfortable with the sight of dead fish sprawled out.


This piece represents the negatives of overfishing, how it greatly impacts climate change, and how the animals are treated inhumanely and sometimes raised in very poor conditions. The choice to have this composition a close-up image of this fish is to make the viewer think more about the lives before the animals end up on your table. It's important to think about what type of lives the animals lived before they got to us to live sustainably.

Liberatore Elsa Light.jpg


A group of friends surrounding a table and enjoying a meal. This half of the set shows the positive side of overfishing. While it has many negatives, it does provide food for people who are in need. My goal for this set was to show how layered environmental problems can be. To solve them we have to think about the positives and the negatives of the situation.

About the Artist

I am a Junior at Kennebunk High School.

LIberatore Elsa  Dark.jpg


Liberatore Elsa Light.jpg


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