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Artist's Inspiration

Visual arts to me is purely a shot in the dark; never knowing what to expect in terms of output and on the recieving end. Music, on the other hand, in terms of composition and performance, is easy to assess: "If it sounds good, it is good." (The words of wisdom from Duke Ellington). So in writing music, I go for sound that not only pleases me, but the general public will also like and remember. (Very often the general public is our own church-goers.) That brings to mind Dmitri Shostakovich who, when he was writing his 5th Symphony, was under careful scrutiny by Stalin as a possible “person of interest” against the communist state for writing less than true Russian compositions (according to Stalin). So he had to stealthily write his own “revolutionary” work that the people would understand as such, while satisfying the ruler, Stalin. He was successful on both counts and the 5th is known as the great musical coup d'etat. 

I was attracted to this project to see if I could do it and come up with an idea that would satisfy musical aspirations as well. I began to imagine the project by thinking about "how could I combine painting and music?".

Artwork of Light & Dark

Mabee Carl Dark.jpg
Mabee Carl Light.jpg


Darkness = the dissolution of all that is coherent, unifying and good.


Light = the coming together of all that is coherent, unifying and good.

About the Artist

As a musician, instruments and singing have been a part of my whole life, and I have been a composer of music since highschool. I dabbled in visual color art off and on, but never in oils. I also work with photography and videos. Athletics have always been a major part of my life: running as a youth, tennis until age 40, golf unitl age 55, adult croquet since 1986 (5 time national champion). I am the father of two boys and the husband of a remarkable woman. The church embraced me as property manager which keeps me busy. A new diet experience has me eating just protein and fat from animals and an occasional lettuce lead to keep my gut microbiome happy. The results in health are stunning. There's an old saying (probably from a product advertisement) that "Life is Good", and I would have to say that is true. 

Mabee Carl Dark.jpg


Mabee Carl Light.jpg


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