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Artist's Inspiration

Despair came first with wanting to portray crows, which as we know in a grouping is called a murder. Then it evolved with a tree I saw locally that had toppled over and died (I knew this tree would be in a painting someday); and yet life was still sprouting from it. The juxtaposition that all death has new life. The “Joy” piece came easily and fit a sermon Suzi gave about Murmuration. I am always joyful painting the ocean, waves, and wanted to convey a sunrise over Goose Rocks with the waves almost creating the white birds rising -to start the new day.


I thought I would paint the despair piece much darker but it evolved to be more foggy and mysterious than I initially expected. The joy worked out simply from my heart.

Artwork of Light & Dark

Carr Lynne dark.jpg
Carr Lynne light.jpg


A murder, and the juxtaposition of with death there is new life.


The beginning of a beautiful new day, and a flock of white birds coming from the waves into the that new day.

About the Artist

I have been making art professionally since 1981, but all my life. I started out drawing “snoopy cartoons” as a child. I enjoy walking, biking, and seeing this area as I drive around and find new scenes to paint. It has changed considerably over the past 53 years I have lived here. I enjoy gardening and cooking, which I can use as inspiration in many of my pieces or commissions.

Carr Lynne dark.jpg


Carr Lynne light.jpg


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