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Artist's Inspiration

Artwork of Light & Dark

Grant Elizabeth Dark.jpg
Grant Elizabeth Light.jpg


This image conveys a subtle sense of gloom, decay, and the uselessness of human effort. The derelict shed and fallen trees depict decline and brokenness. The invasive vine strangling the large tree, though once cut back, has renewed its relentless quest to destroy its host. At the back window of the shed, boards in a cross-shape evoke the crucifixion. The leaden grey skies and rain-drenched world complete the feeling of decline and hopelessness.


This image evokes happiness, security, and comfort. Here too stands a man- made structure, this time a welcoming inn gleaming white in the sunshine, promising shelter and comfort. The colorful harvest dominating the scene displays the bounty of nature. The blue sky is soft and serene, with gentle streaks of white clouds. All elements of the image unite to convey the feeling of optimism, reassurance, and soul-deep happiness.

Both works are photo on canvas (giclée).

About the Artist

Listen to the Artist Speak about herself and the work.

Elizabeth Grant
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Grant Elizabeth Dark.jpg


Grant Elizabeth Light.jpg


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