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Discussion Guide

Host a Conversation

ReMade in Hope is a opportunity for conversation.  Plan on visiting the site together and then gather for dinner, tea, a walk, a potluck, and discuss the art and the interplay of light and dark, hope and despair, death and rebirth.  

See below for questions, or download a copy of the guide here.

Discussion Questions:


What strikes you most about the ReMade in Hope display?


What provokes you most (Remembering that the word “provoke” means to call forth)?


What symbols or images were used more frequently?  Why do you think they were used by a variety of artists?


What panel spoke most to you of your experience of challenge, struggler, despair?  Why?  How does it make meaning for you?


What panel spoke most to you of joy hope and renewal?  Why? How did it make meaning for you?


Was there an artist whose work most resonated for you?  Why?

Share something of your experience with times of struggle, challenge, despair, or loss.  What was the journey like?  Does the image of “entering” your time of challenge make sense to you?  Why or why not?

Have there been gifts or benefits to your times of challenge?  A silver lining?


Does this display speak to you of the universal nature of the experiences of dark and light, despair and hope, death, and rebirth?  Why or why not?


The ReMade in Hope structure was created to evoke the Christian idea of entering the tomb and discovering new life.  Did you experience that? Did the physical structure (outside/inside) contribute?


How might this art display inform you for your journey ahead? 

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